Laboratory and Cleanroom Systems

A Houston, Texas-based laboratory and cleanroom expert

sic5.jpgLaboratory and cleanroom systems are often complex and critical for patient, staff, and visitor safety, which has increased the need for TAB and certification services.

Properly balanced, tested, and certified laboratory and cleanroom systems provide safe environments, and the confidence they are not being compromised by improperly balanced systems.  These critical systems not only have to be properly balanced to provide correct room pressure differential, but are essential to providing correct temperature, relative humidity and particle levels.

Additionally, the proper ventilation of hazardous vapors, gasses, smoke and particulates creates a safe and comfortable workplace, an absolute necessity in today’s world.  Eliminating the undesirable environmental conditions that can affect the safety of personnel, patient, visitor, research and equipment is of utmost importance.

The SCI solution: 

The SCI management team and technicians have a deep knowledge of the applicable codes, standards, recommendations, and continuous challenges facing facilities that are trying to maintain compliance. We work with many facility/laboratory and cleanroom management teams building and performing testing plans to maintain compliance.

Because of SCI’s available expertise, resources and experiences, no laboratory or cleanroom system is too large or complex for SCI to design/build retrofit, test, adjust and balance, or certify.

SCI performs TAB services in:

  • Hospitals
  • Pharmacies
  • Urgent care facilities
  • Laboratories
  • Many other healthcare and research facilities

sic6.jpgTypes of testing, service, and repair SCI offers:

  • Cleanroom testing
  • Pharmacy testing
  • Laboratory testing
  • HEPA filter leak testing
  • Fume hood performance testing, service, and repair
  • Isolator testing, service, and repair
  • Laminar work flow station testing, service, and repair
  • USP 797 compliance testing
  • USP 800 compliance testing
  • Biological safety cabinet testing, service, and repair
  • Peroxide decontamination service
  • Consulting service
  • Compliance surveys
  • Critical room surveys
  • Room pressure testing
  • Air-change-per-hour testing
  • Temperature and humidity testing
  • Sensor calibration and verification 

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