Healthcare Facilities

A Houston, Texas-based healthcare facilities expert

sic4.jpgThe environmental conditions of hospitals and similar health care facilities must take into account restricted air movement, contaminated air removal, and the differential pressure required on an area-by-area basis.

SCI understands these stringent requirements and we can calculate and make the necessary adjustments to bring clients’ facilities into state and local compliance.

Our technicians are educated, experienced, and understand the challenges of working in healthcare facilities. Full participation in hospital policies and ICRA procedures is vital to patient safety during any project and our technicians have specific training in these policies and procedures—and follow them to the strictest degree. 

SCI is also a resource for our current customers to use for the compliance testing required for hospital accreditation. Our management knows the specifics of these requirements and can properly test the systems and provide the appropriate documentation.

SCI participates in the Texas Association of Healthcare Facilities Managers (TAHFM) association and the Houston Area Association for Hospital Engineering (HAAHE). This relationship allows SCI to tailor our services to meet the needs and challenges of the direct individuals we strive to serve.    

Healthcare facilities may include a single room, a suite or an entire building, and the inherent risk factors mean the proper certified balance and operation of the HVAC systems cannot be too highly stressed.

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